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Paul, Timperley

As someone who spends a great deal of time travelling internationally for work, Paul had dreams of seeing the world with his wife in their retirement – on their terms. Read his story.

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The world is our oyster

My wife and I have both worked for large corporations in our time, with fairly large and robust pensions, so thinking about retirement was never really something we had to do too much of. We had children so our focus was on them, and as long as we were paying into our pensions we didn’t need to give it much thought. However, we’re now both of an age where retirement is in the foreseeable future – it’s no longer just a distant concept, it’s a reality! – so we wanted some advice on pension investments.

My wife’s tax adviser connected us with Kevin, and he took us on the process of a full financial analysis. It was a complete root and branch evaluation of not only our investments and liabilities but also our hopes and aspirations for the future and what we wanted out of retirement.

In my job, I travel internationally almost 100% of the time. I spend a lot of time away from home and my wife, and I see a lot of the world. Our ambition for our retirement is to do that together. Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo – seeing all those places I’ve been to for work, not through hotel windows, meeting rooms and taxis, but truly enjoying them together. So that featured heavily in our retirement objectives, along with the dream of having a second home.

What differentiated Kevin to us was his personal touch. We felt he was really interested in us and our plans. He spent time exploring our personalities, our hopes and dreams, and got to the core of ‘what do we really want, deep down?’. He’s become quite a friend to us; I feel he knows us, both together and individually, and we’ve formed a good relationship. And out of that has grown trust – I trust Kevin, and I feel there is a partnership there.

We now have a clear path ahead of us: we know what’s needed, we’re making informed choices, and we have a plan. And ultimately we have a lot of comfort that our expectations for retirement are realistic and achievable. The world is our oyster!

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