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Toni, Hyde

Having spent her working life dutifully saving into a pension, Toni wanted to ensure she could get the most out of her money in her retirement and truly enjoy this period. Read her story.

Client since 2017

Confidence to enjoy life, without worry

“Having retired and recently moved areas, I thought it was the right time to refresh my portfolio and get a new perspective. I didn’t really know many people with a financial adviser, so I had a look online and found Kevin. After an initial chat, we seemed to get along well, and that’s how we started working together.

I’d always dutifully saved into my pension, and I had paid off my mortgage, so I felt like I’d done all of the sensible things. However, there was still lots that I wanted to do for myself. I’m very much a traveller (when the first lockdown struck, I was actually on an expedition in the Antarctic!), so I wanted to ensure I’d have enough money to allow me to keep doing that, on top of my annual living costs. It’s also safe to say I’m past the stage of sleeping in leaky tents, so it’d be nice to be able to travel with an element of comfort!

There were also the other questions in the back of my mind: will I want some help around the house? Am I going to be able to do the garden? I wanted to be able to future-proof against those things, too – the things that I view as essential, that keep me fit and healthy.

You want someone to give you strong technical advice, that’s a given. But what Kevin does in addition to this is really get to know you and what you’re aspiring to. He’s not just helping you make the most money, he’s helping you achieve the life you want – the money is just the means to the end.

He’s very professional and forward-thinking in his approach. I’d also say he’s quite insightful; he really delves deep into who you are and what your motivations are, which feels both refreshing and personal. He took on board everything about my love of travel and my concerns about the house, and in great detail put together a plan to ensure both would be taken care of.

I was always very careful with my finances; a hardworking girl who erred on the side of caution. Kevin has given me the confidence to spend my hard-earned money and enjoy life, without worry.”

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