Planning for retirement

Chris, Edinburgh

As a business coach, Chris knows better than most the value of a robust plan! Together we’ve helped set him on a path to his ideal retirement – here’s how.

Client since 2017

I’m excited for what the future holds

“As a self-employed business coach, I don’t have a standard company pension, so I’ve spent a lot of time managing my portfolio myself. When I first met Kevin through a networking event, I was drawn to the fact that he described himself as a financial planner. I’m very much a planning person myself, so I thought I’d get his insight into my financial situation.

On looking at my portfolio, Kevin picked up immediately that I had high exposure to some segments of the economy that were not only high risk but also were heading into more challenging conditions as a result of Brexit. We therefore started to move my investments into other sectors, and my portfolio has continued to perform extremely well against the marketplace, which is a great result.

As our relationship developed, Kevin started to ask me more about what I wanted for the future: what kind of lifestyle I’d like to enjoy, whether I wanted to be able to pass on funds to my children and grandchildren. From there, he started to put a more strategic plan in place to deliver on these things.

What really impressed me throughout all of this was Kevin’s approach. It’s one I use as a coach myself, and it’s all about listening to people and what they say to you. I’m not a consultant; I don’t walk into people’s offices with a fixed prescription for them and tell them what to do. Instead, I find out what is stopping them from achieving the things they want to achieve. Kevin is very similar in this respect – he spends a lot of time finding out about you, your lifestyle and what you really want for the future. And he uses this understanding to create a plan that is personalised to you.

As a result, I started to understand (and enjoy) where I was going – and, because it felt like a journey that I was undertaking myself, the steps felt much more powerful. And overall, I am excited. I am excited by the potential of my new investments to provide personal security for myself and my wife, plus long-term growth to provide funds to leave for my family.

There’s total trust in my relationship with Kevin. I know I am getting the best possible advice from someone who is truly at the top of their professional game. A Pep Guardiola of the investment planning world if you like! I would recommend him without hesitation to others – and in fact, I already have!”

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