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Dave, Preston

Dave initially came to us for help in organising his various pension pots and was surprised to learn just how much of a difference a financial plan could make to his future. Here’s his story.

Client since 2013

A very foggy tunnel is now much clearer

“Having worked for several companies over the years, I had various pensions in various envelopes. I had started my engineering business as a limited company and wanted to get more of an understanding of what I’d already got and what we needed for the future. I already had an accountant in place, so we just needed the financial brains for setting out a long-term strategy.

I just wanted to find someone I could trust, who wasn’t trying to sell us anything but simply wanted to understand our current situation, our needs and aspirations for the future. Someone who had the abilities to set out a plan and show us how we may achieve it. After quite a bit of searching, I invited Kevin down to our house for a discussion – and straight away my gut told me he was the right person to talk to.

He was very knowledgeable and professional, and from the very first meeting he set out a strategy that was based on sense, fact and understanding. Every step of the way he made sure we had a clear view of our options and explained the risks and the consequences. It was exactly what we needed! So, we started to work together from that point on.

After initially sorting out both my wife’s and my own pensions, he then looked at our properties (we owned two at the time). We went through a similar process as before, and Kevin implemented some recommendations on what to do with our mortgages. I still don’t quite know how he did it, but as a result, we ended up in a position where we were around £600 better off a month. In addition, I received a lump sum that allowed me to buy my wife a brand new Range Rover with the cash that was freed up – she’d been going through cancer, and it felt like the perfect gift on the other side of it.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Kevin. He’s a very personable guy, and he’s essentially turned the telescope around for us. He has a comprehensive knowledge of the investment market and provides the tools and methods to make sure we regularly review and update our investments based on a clear plan with measurable results. We now have full visibility of our investments using the latest technology online and the more traditional paper and envelope if we prefer.

We’ve now got a clear vision of what’s ahead, have peace of mind that we have partnered with the right people, and what looked like a very foggy tunnel is much clearer. He’s our go-to, and we wouldn’t be without him.”

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