Which season is best for selling your home?

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The answer to this is that it depends on a range of factors, but there are some seasonal trends that can help you decide when to sell.

Estate agents report that typically once the warmer weather arrives and the evenings are lighter for longer, people are more likely to think about moving home, especially if they have school-age children and want to arrange their move around the summer holidays.


However, economic and political events play their part too. The uncertainties surrounding Brexit have meant that in some parts of the country, especially London, markets have been subdued in the first few months of this year.

Many homeowners wasted little time listing their properties once the new Brexit date at the end of October was confirmed. Nearly half (49%) of major UK towns and cities analysed by online estate agent Housesimple1, saw an increase in listings in April. The biggest month on month rise was in Stevenage (69.4%), followed by Salford (43.8%), while Chichester saw a rise of 33.8%. In London, the biggest rise was in Kensington and Chelsea, with listings up by 17.3%.


Once the school holidays end, market activity tends to pick up. Buyers think ahead and often picture themselves celebrating Christmas in a new home. Although December sees house sales fall, by January those intent on fulfilling their housing dreams in the coming year start to be in the market.


Whatever time of the year you intend to sell, the price has to be right. Ideally you want to create plenty of interest and encourage a good number of viewings to help ensure you find a buyer. You can get an idea of what your property might fetch by looking at the various online sites that show the prices that properties in your area have sold for, as opposed to the figure that they might have been advertised for.

1Housesimple, May 2019

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