The Halcyon Story

A Fresh Approach to Financial Advice

Kevin Titmus is the Founder and Managing Director of Halcyon; a company birthed from his 20+ years of working in the finance industry.  Having performed across all levels and assisted numerous clients to make informed and considered choices about their financial futures.

Kevin is rated 5/5 on  His expertise means he is well-equipped to accurately advise you on how best to use your assets in order to realise your aspirations.

Kevin knows how to apply his rich knowledge of the industry to each client’s individual situations, delivering quality advice and valuable support to help them reach their respective goals.

The Halcyon Story

Halcyon grew out of passion.  It’s the product of Kevin’s personal ambition to create an organisation that has a principled approach to financial planning.  Working in the industry for so long exposed him to the large number of companies that fail to act in the best interests of their clients, so Kevin sought to rectify this with the creation of Halcyon.

But beyond his professional experience, Kevin witnessed the reality of what can happen without the right financial planning.  He saw a close family member, who worked hard his entire life, fall ill and pass away without having been able to enjoy his retirement and reap the benefits of his life’s work.  Kevin made it his mission to create a company that serviced his personal drive to help people enjoy their life in the way they deserve.

Halcyon aims to make clients aware of the importance of financial planning so that they can make the most of life.  Kevin purposefully designed his business to help people, specifically steering away from a product focussed practice, instead opting for a sincere approach in helping them reach the future they dream of.  His personal drive and dedication are embedded in the company’s core values, distinguishing Halcyon as a principled financial planner.

The Halcyon System

At Halcyon we take the process of looking after your money very seriously.  We work with the CleverAdvisor system to maintain and monitor your portfolio.  Powered by highly sophisticated software, this allows us to make effective decisions free from human or behavioral bias and maintain the high level of service you should expect.

Every month, we review the funds held in your portfolio, we can then either make a switch, with your consent, where it is right to do so or confirm no action is required.  This gives you the reassurance that your capital is being monitored on an ongoing basis, allowing you to devote your time to the most important aspect – living your life without the constant worry of money.