Working with you

Dedicated to your Halcyon Days

Initial Meeting

Your roadmap to financial peace of mind begins with an initial meeting.  These sessions are incredibly valuable, as they allow you to explore and clarify how financial planning can help you.  It’s an important stage of the journey, as it helps you decide whether Halcyon are right for you and simultaneously helps us determine your best course via assessing your financial affairs and lifelong goals and aspirations.

Halcyon pledges to be open, honest and principled at all times, which means you can feel comfortable discussing your situation and feel free to express any concerns or thoughts without reservations.  Our policies guarantee that we will always give you the best advice, whether it means planning with us, planning alone or keeping your finances as they are.  This way, you can rest assured that you really are getting the best advice for you.  We appreciate how delicate and personal financial planning is for each client, so we always want to ensure you feel comfortable with your decisions from day one.


The next phase involves a thorough process of getting to know you.  In order to make your hopes for the future a reality, we need to know more about what those hopes and dreams are.  Halcyon is committed to spending as much time as possible with clients, as we believe this is the best way to really help you plan for life.

Discovery is further beneficial as it promotes re-evaluation of your visions and assessing their feasibility.  If you always imagined yourself buying a second home, we can help you plan for this, but perhaps you also want to go travelling but can realistically only afford to do one.  Discovery will help you examine your priorities and inform us about what’s the most important to you for your future.


There is no uniform way of financial planning, as every person has different circumstances, assets and aspirations.  Our planning stems from the prior discovery phase, making sure it fits with your goals and expectations, and will be the course that most accurately meets your needs.

At Halcyon, we appreciate that planning for life means planning for change.  We will always try to make your aspirations a reality, however we also know that life always has its curve balls.  Therefore, we dedicate part of our planning process to coping with changes, creating contingency plans conducive to promoting financial security for your future.


Where Do We Meet?

Our service is all about making you feel relaxed.  That’s why our initial meetings usually take place in a space where you can be comfortable, be it at our office, your home or an alternative venue.

To make the most of your initial meetings, we advise that you have all your financial documents to hand.  When you book an appointment, we will inform you of everything you need and confirm an appropriate time and date.

A Family Affair

Planning is personal, where confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance to us.  Sometimes, this encourages our clients to believe it’s better to conduct financial planning alone, however Halcyon strongly recommends involving your spouse, partner or close family members in the process.

Our years of experience have allowed us to be best placed to give advice for financial planning for life, which means we understand how an individual’s finances can greatly impact those around them.

We also respect the unpredictability of life, which leverages the gravity of keeping your close ones informed with such important matters.