Halcyon – Client Stories

The stories of our clients vary greatly. We deal with many different people in all stages of their lives.  Here are three real stories of clients who have worked with Kevin Titmus, and the amazing outcomes they received. For the sake of their privacy, we have changed their names.

Live The Life You Love

Having worked hard all her life, Rachel, had worked her way up to a senior position in a large blue-chip company with all the benefits that provides.  A corporate restructure however meant she left her position and had to find new employment elsewhere in the autumn of her career.

Rachel now found herself in a job she didn’t like and one that did not challenge her or make use of her skill set; believing that she needed to carry on working in order to pay her way.  Not only was the new role not providing the necessary gratification, it was also stealing her precious time away from the most important aspect, living a fulfilled and varied life.

Rachel sought advice.  A forty-minute phone conversation with Kevin was enough for Rachel to realise there was another way. By the time they sat down for a planning meeting, she had already handed in her notice for the job she hated.

With this added imperative in mind, Kevin was able to help Rachel realise what she wanted from life and how that could be achieved.

After following the due process, a personalised financial plan was put into place. This included consolidating her final salary and other pensions Rachel had built up and transferring them into a more flexible defined contribution arrangement allowing her to take an immediate income targeted to her specific needs.

Now unencumbered, Rachel was able to move to her dream location with her partner in Wales, leaving behind the city and now having views of the sea from their home.  She now spends her time with the people she loves whilst reconnecting with her passions such as photography, travelling, creative arts and crafts.  She’s even taken up a part time college course.

Her new-found freedom, and financial security have been a breath of fresh air, allowing her to live the life she loves, instead of feeling like a slave to a work situation that was out of her control.

Overcoming the Greatest Challenge

Brian and Claire already had plenty in life to deal with when a cancer diagnosis shook them to the core. Claire’s determination to fight the illness was matched only by Brian’s resolute support.

As well as being MD and owner of an Engineering business, Brian helped Claire throughout the most difficult and challenging period of their lives.

The outcome was as joyful as it was unexpected. Claire won the fight and was proclaimed as cancer free. However, the entire term of the disease had acted as a wakeup call for the committed couple. The prospect of being faced with her mortality made Claire realise that life was indeed short and that she wanted to make the most of it.

Although they had lived all their lives in the North West, Brian and Claire had always yearned for space. Their dream was to move away from the busy congestion and experience peace and quiet, whilst still being able to maintain Brian’s work activity and business.

They initially spoke to Kevin for advice on their mortgage situation, but after their first conversation decided to look further at what their possible future might be. A longer chat uncovered their true goal, of moving to a part of the country where there were open fields, grass instead of concrete, and a generally better quality of life.

Having helped them to see the options available, Kevin was able to put together a financial plan that meant that they now have true peace of mind, for every eventuality.

Brian and Claire were able to move to their dream home, a real fixer-upper project set deep in the Scottish countryside – the five mile drive to nearest local village just one of their ideals! Without the daily grind, and no longer feeling cooped up in a town, the couple have the lifestyle they have always wanted.

With a secure financial future in place, and having defeated a far greater challenge, the prospect of a large-scale property restoration is simply a walk in the park.

Making The Best Use of Life’s Opportunities

Simon and Louise could be described as a very normal working family. Simon is a business owner who is building up a successful firm. Louise is working in full time employment, and together they juggle their working lives around raising their two young children.

Their financial situation was stable, but both had resigned themselves to the fact that they would need to work into their late 60’s to be able to afford to retire. This became particularly poignant for them, when Louise was diagnosed with a medical condition that will, inevitably, shorten her lifespan.

After coming into a considerable inheritance, following a family loss, Simon and Louise decided to put their money to good use. Although he was a trained accountant, Simon felt that he was not best placed to implement this and therefore wanted to build a long lasting relationship with a trusted adviser.

Even with Simon’s knowledge, Kevin identified that they were not paying themselves in the most tax efficient manner and set about changing the way the company paid Simon, ensuring the business took advantage of any and all tax advantages available.

After getting to know them, Kevin was able to remodel some of their initial investments and with some tailored planning, set up the right pensions and investments that made full use of the opportunities they had.

On top of this, Kevin helped Simon and Louise to see what their true goals were.  Both wanted to take control, not only of their financial future, but also of their future lifestyle.

Simon and Louise had a great desire to travel, having done so before the children were born and had a long-held dream of going on a real safari and touring Canada, rather than being resigned to working all their lives simply to make ends meet.

Through a process of advice and in-depth conversations, Kevin was able to put safety nets in place so that they have the correct fall backs, should life change.  Ultimately, Simon and Louise can now retire at least eight years earlier than they first thought, and also have the funds to do all the things they want to do with their lives together.